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ted-ed: Beethoven's 5th symphony:
mental health awareness week- for "kenafayim"
ted-ed: the doctor who defied death
The secrets of the world’s most famous symphony - Hanako Sawada
The Garden
קטע אנימציה פותח "חתירה אל ההווה"
Alef b'Tamuz  א' בתמוז
Lunch Time ההפסקה
The tale of the doctor who defied Death - Iseult Gillespie
4 signs of emotional abuse - Viann Nguyen-Feng
12 Zloty (12 Złotych)
Why do we, like, hesitate when we, um, speak? - Lorenzo García-Amaya
Bits from "Talmi, The Hummus and Haim Export
Example of an animation bit I made for docu- series "Hamakor".
Sexual Orientation: A Spectrum Of Attraction
הופרדו בלידתם | פרק 1 - יהורם גאון, שאול טל ורפי פלד
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